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Source:Trades Math Calculator

Quickly calculate Trigonometry, Speeds and Feeds, and Other Shop Maths.

**Please post with any bugs/issues, changes you would like to see, and general comments below. Feedback is greatly appreciated.**

Quickly solve trades math problems.

Right angle calculations.

Oblique triangle calculations.

Angle Conversions - Degrees decimals, degrees minutes and seconds, and radians.

Speeds and Feeds - Quickly calculate cutting speeds and feeds for drills, milling cutters, and lathe workpieces. Calculate between RPM and feet per minute or meters per minute, and between feed per rev and feed per minute.

Bolt Circles - Calculate X-Y coordinates for equally spaced bolts. The center of the circle can be X0Y0 or any other coordinates.

Sine Bar - Quickly and accurately calculate precision block stack or angle for use with sine bars or sine plates.

All calculations switch between inch and metric.

**This app is add-free**

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